Tuxedo Tables

A welcome addition to the award-winning Tuxedo Component Lounge collection, Tuxedo Tables take the group beyond seating, offering an almost infinite range of choices. The tables, along with the lounge collection, were designed by BassamFellows.

Tuxedo tables make it possible to create a harmonious landscape that offers surfaces for working or serving. Individual trays, placed atop the same pencil-thin metal bases as the original system, provide varieties of scale. The rigorously conceived design also eliminates an excess of legs. The tabletops, crafted in solid wood, have soft-rolled corners and carved edges, adding an approachable softness. Smaller trays can be added to nest atop them — for serving or to form a layered table surface. Tuxedo Tables can be used as a corner unit to separate two lines of seating. Tables come in several sizes in a selection of natural woods with either a solid wood or veneer edge.

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