Swoop Lounge Furniture

During his time as a lecturer at the California College of Art, industrial designer Brian Kane observed how students interacted with furniture in public spaces on campus. He noticed that very few of them sat in what might be considered a traditional way. They perched on arms. They curled up. They sprawled out. This observation inspired a versatile and fluid design response, which became the Swoop family of lounge furniture.

Casual, comfortable, modular

The sweeping curves of Swoop’s modular seating components were designed to make the furniture comfortable for many different sitting positions. Coordinating box tables can be used in-line with modular seating, and work tables fit perfectly over armrests. Coffee tables function as stools with the addition of a cushion top. All components work together in countless ways to create flexible, reconfigurable spaces where people can get together casually and comfortably.

Sit however

While traditional lounge furniture inhibits movement, Swoop encourages it. Sit how you like, and change positions as you want. And when you need a work surface, pull up a table wherever you need it. Modular seating components can also be grouped together to allow a run of chairs or ottomans to create sofas or benches, which lend a sense of enclosure to help define a space.


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