Bumper Chair

With its gentle sweep and excellent lumbar support, comfort is paramount in the Bumper Chair’s deceptively simple, nearly seam‑free design. The arm cap and inner and outer shells are shaped from a single piece of upholstery, creating a continuous, uninterrupted welt around the seat. Originally introduced in 1964, the Bumper Chair’s robust portfolio of customisation options includes numerous textiles and leather upholsteries, as well as a series of bases, making it the perfect chair for a variety of lounge, living and work spaces

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Design Story

In a career that spanned over five decades, Ward Bennett designed everything from jewellery and cutlery, to chairs and houses. Renowned for his interior concepts, which effortlessly blended old and modern styles, luxury and industrial materials, Bennett created furniture designs that marry classic motifs with a modern, minimalist rigour, such as the Bumper Chair’s contemporary take on the traditional bucket seat, and that work seamlessly in a variety of spaces.


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