Module Lounge Seating

Inviting and soft with a touch of elegance, Module Lounge Seating by BassamFellows offers a modular seating solution that comfortably anchors spaces of any size. Featuring human-scale proportions and a simplicity of line and detailing, its various components combine to create enduring designs that easily coordinate with modern classics from Herman Miller.

Fully upholstered with no visible legs, Module Lounge Seating delivers plush comfort and support for lounging. The frame contains 51 mm of padding. Top-stitched to look soft, not boxy, its back cushions feature a fill of fibre with feather and down. Removable side cushions double as soft headrests. Separate throw pillows can be rearranged for optimal comfort and sitting and relaxing postures.

Module Lounge Seating makes itself even more interesting with an additional option: a privacy feature. In an effort to help solve the issue of privacy in open floor plans and public areas, BassamFellows integrated upholstered panels that extend up from Module Lounge Seating’s existing frame. Soft and comfortably scaled, the panels surround sitters with a sense of acoustic quietness. This feature is especially useful for private phone calls, collaborations or conversations.

The thoughtfully designed modular series is a versatile building block for both traditional and contemporary surroundings. It comes in a selection of textiles and leather options and as a single seat in armless, right-arm and left-arm options, a corner piece and an ottoman. The privacy feature is available in a three-seat sofa configuration.

An edge of elegance

Module Lounge Seating is the latest sofa series designed by BassamFellows for Herman Miller. Like their other sofa designs – Tuxedo, Tuxedo Classic, Bolster and Bevel – Module Lounge Seating represents the sofa as a timeless anchor piece for settings both traditional and contemporary. Unlike its sister designs, Module Lounge Seating is a larger-scale modular series: a soft, comfortable-looking design with casual lounging as its main objective.

For designer Craig Bassam of BassamFellows, Module Lounge Seating is about “defining the softer kind of sit we wanted and giving it the right proportion that looks comfortable, but still has an edge of elegance”. He explains, “you get that by making sure things don’t look too bulky, which is sometimes harder to do in a big, soft seat”.

With this in mind, BassamFellows crafted the modular group with human-scale proportions, refined cushions, and simple lines and details. “Even though Module is larger”, Bassam says, “it’s still functional, and still looks relatable and elegant”.

A sense of quietness

The privacy panels BassamFellows feature as an option for Module Lounge Seating weren’t part of the original concept. It came about after Bassam started playing with the frame of the modular units.

“The frame goes all the way to the floor. There is no foot detail. It just floats slightly above the floor because it is all anchored”, he says. “Once I set it all out, the idea occurred that we could create a way to help solve the problem of privacy on open floor plans in offices.”

In turn, Bassam took the existing frame element, which could be simply changed in height, and integrated outer panels as privacy screen panels. In this way, Module Lounge Seating could offer privacy “in a sense of acoustic quietness, which adds to your comfort, particularly if you’re in an open space and are using it for a meeting”, says Bassam. “You don’t feel like you’re totally exposed”.

Bassam appreciates that these panels are part of what started as a softer, larger-scale, residential sofa, believing it better represents the vision of the modern workplace. “There’s a different feeling in the office when you have a touch of causal that is appropriate, comfortable-looking and inviting,” he says.


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