Layer Tables

BassamFellows developed Layer Tables to work well with light-scaled, modern sofas — such as those they’ve designed for Herman Miller.

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Layers of meaning

Layer Tables embody their name in two ways. The first is obvious from their construction. Glass tops provide the primary surfaces, allowing the cross-brace structure or an optional secondary surface — a choice of shelves or box drawers — to be visible through the tabletop. The second way draws on the design intent. BassamFellows created the collection to be layered into architectural settings. Side tables and rectangular or L-shaped coffee tables fit elegantly into all types of furniture plans without overpowering a space.

A table for corners

As complementary players, Layer Tables work particularly well in collaborative work settings, where circulation space is important for keeping people and ideas flowing. In particular, the L-shaped coffee table serves people seated along the run of a corner sofa or sectional while also allowing people to approach their seated colleagues without having to navigate around a large block table.



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